How to crack Skype interviews for top MBA colleges in India?

_mg_5168I have conducted scores of interviews of Delhi NCR and from other state candidates who have applied for admission to the Asia Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi, one of the leading b schools in Delhi NCR region – both in person and over Skype. Interviews over internet are one of the recent trends that are very popular in B school admission process and also in getting jobs. One such method is Skype interviewing. It has become easier for MBA candidates to shortlist B schools and appears for the interview via skype for the same. This saves a lot of money and effort of the candidates and their parents. Skype Interviewing may sound very casual but it is very much a formal, professional procedure and is taken seriously by the Institutes/companies. In an era where MBA applicants often come across as overly packaged and polished, an increasing number of MBA programs have started using online video-interview platforms in order to get a better sense of your personality. They’ve seen what you have going for you on paper; a video interview can help them judge whether or not the “real you” matches the impression you’ve built through your other materials. Following are some minor yet important points which need to be considered before you appear for a Skype interview.

  1. Make sure your user Id/username is a professional one.
  2. Internet speed and connectivity should be high.
  3. Should have good quality audio/video equipments (camera, earphone).
  4. Be aware of your visual background (No open bathroom doors, open closets stuffed with clothes, generally unkempt surroundings).
  5. Don’t refer any notes during the conversation.
  6. Maintain Eye contact.
  7. Don’t make excuses if you don’t know the answer (e.g. sorry I can’t hear you).
  8. Should be alone in the room (no distraction).
  9. Handle technical glitches with grace (if any).
  10. Use chair for sitting. Don’t sit on bed or move around.
  11. Prepare (and practice) succinct responses for all of the typical MBA-related questions: Why Program X, Why an MBA overall, Why now, what are your career goals, Summarize your career to date, and so on.
  12. Record yourself answering these questions. Have a trusted friend review your responses and tell you how you’re coming off. Tweak your style accordingly.

Launch your career in a new direction through top MBA colleges in India

creative-444Now days you will rarely find any person who spends his entire life in a particular company or in a particular industry. Infact many people would agree to the notion that if you are looking for the fast track to gain the skills, competences or network to launch your career in a new direction or start your own business, a popular way to do it is through a management course from a good PGDM institute. Leadership, critical thinking, cross cultural awareness, communication, knowledge about current technology, intellectual creativity are some of the skills that is being developed or strengthened during pgdm courses/MBA program and has been widely accepted and recognized by the top mba colleges in Delhi.  In fact it has been accepted by many research firm that two-thirds or more graduating use MBA degree as a means of launching pad in their career.

students-picsThe career switchers look upon the mba degree as a way to expand the career opportunities. I personally went to do mba in marketing after completing my graduation from arts background. I realized that the MBA experience opened my mind to various new opportunities/possibilities. Without a doubt I can say that I never would have achieved what I have today without an MBA. Since admission season is around the corner so I would like to suggest to those applying to an MBA program in the coming time. Doing management course from a good pgdm institute demands a lot of investment in terms of time, energy, money, so be mentally prepared to face all the challenges thrown at you. Make a solid case of yourself and show to the management and the companies that you what the industries requires.


How Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management are related?

Hand holding a Human Resources Word Sphere on white background.

Organizational behavior is a term used to explain the concept of the behavior of individuals who constitute the human elements of an organization. This is related to human resources, which is a concept that is used to describe the management of the employees in any organization. From the description of the two terms, it is easy to see how organizational behavior (OB) and human resource management (HRM) are related. Organizational behavior looks at the individual behavior, and then moves to group behavior, progressively to the organization behavior, which we can also call the organization culture. It requires skills to understand how the organization and its members affect each other. Its areas include frameworks for diagnosing and resolving problems in organizational settings. Thereby we can say that organizational behavior (OB) is the study of individual and group dynamics within an organization setting whereas human behavior, call it individual behavior is a sub-set of organization behavior.

Human behavior is inherent in each individual which means his characteristics, his way of behaving and thinking are his own features while organizational behavior is a group or company culture unique of each own felt and done. The relationship between organizational behavior and human resource management stems from the fact that human resource management can be used as a tool for shaping organizational behavior.  The effective use of human resources can be used to shape the perceptions and behavior of the employees in an organization, resulting in a desired outcome in their organizational behavior. This link between organizational behavior and human resource management can be seen in the area of the workers’ attitudes toward their jobs. Part of the responsibilities of the human resources department is managing the issues related to the welfare of the employees in an organization. When this responsibility is pursued diligently, the employees will have a more positive attitude toward their jobs and will be more willing to go the extra mile in furthering their duties.

img_6980Thus we can say that the field of organizational behavior and human resource management deals with the behavior of individuals and groups within organizations. They investigate the enhancement of the effectiveness of an organization’s human capital in order to gain competitive advantage and achieve organizational goals. OB field include topics such as personality / dispositions, emotion and affect, motivation, social concept and identity, decision making and cognition, justice and trust, organization and work attachment, leadership, groups and teams, and organizational culture and climate whereas HR encompass topics such as job analysis, recruitment, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, quality of work life, workforce diversity, and strategic human resource management. Students seeking managerial careers in any business function can valuably learn about leadership, motivation, morale, performance, teams, organizational culture and organizational design by opting organizational behavior course, whereas those interested in making their career as human resource management specialists and managers can gain technical knowledge about selection, performance appraisal, training, compensation, workforce diversity, work and family programs, and strategic human resource management.


How to Get Admission in a Good Management College?

institute-2Today, a business management degree is most sought after for anyone who wants a career in the corporate world. You will not be surprised to see that huge number of students sit for MBA entrance exam every year. All of them aspire to get admission in a good management college. But, the fierce competition makes it difficult for them to achieve their dreams. The best way to clear all your troubles is through thorough research about the admission process and colleges your profile matches with. Know about the eligibility requirements, entrance test procedures you can read business magazines and search the websites of colleges.

The usual MBA admissions comprise two parts, both of which have significantly different requirement; one is the entrance examination (CAT / XAT / MAT) and the WAT/GD/PI process.

To crack the CAT depends on how much and how well you are prepared for it. It also depends on whether your work allows you enough time and energy to prepare. Coaching helps some students to become regular and get back in touch with some concepts they had last studied almost 3-4 years ago. It also helps in focusing on specific areas and get accustomed to the online mode of answering. However, many students have been able to get a good percentile without coaching. Some students just take test series to assess their preparation and get a feel of the competition.

But get a decent CAT score is not enough. Getting into a good B-school then depends on a whole lot of other factors which are beyond CAT. To start with, your 12th and graduation percentage becomes a judging criterion against many other applicants. However, it is not impossible to get in to decent college if your score is not great. Academics is one of the criteria, your WAT/ GD/ PI along with your profile plays a crucial role. The Written Ability Tests (WATs) or Group Discussions (GDs) requires you to have a firm grip on the current affairs of the business world, conceptual clarity and clear opinion about the recent happenings in the corporate arena.

Outside of academics, it requires a stellar profile to convince the interview panel that you can undertake two years of intensely demanding academic and extracurricular work. Personal Interview (PI) checks your grip over your concepts, your communication, style your conviction and overall fit to the college. To prove your fit to the college and exhibition of a decent personality extracurricular activities help. Participating in competitions during college can substantiate your claim so participate, and win competitions which are aligned with your passion. Being able to discipline yourself enough that you are able to win competitions in a field on a regular basis is an excellent indicator of potential to lead.

Apart from this you opt for community service. Volunteer with local NGOs and genuinely making a difference will portray you social conscious individual. So if there is a local Rotary Club, join them and help them organize their community outreach programs. Actively support these institutions by providing them with more than just a pair of hands.

Your college name, extra – curricular activities, internships etc. do not play any role in getting you an interview call but they can definitely be instrumental in converting those calls. If you wish to improve your credentials, you first need to think about the time and effort you’re willing to put in to make that happen. Only, joining clubs or being part of organizing events is enough. It is to be noted that if you wish to have strong credentials, the time and effort required to build them up have to be put in. Most often, interviewers can tell the difference between someone who worked just for a line on a CV, and someone who genuinely put in effort and earned that recognition.